Girl receiving a daisy

Kindness: The Immeasurable Gift
Story 62

By Lauren Nelson
Blue Zones

What if small actions like sending a thank-you text or asking someone how they're doing could lower your stress, help you live longer, and uplift others along the way? Research from the National Library of Medicine shows that people who practice kindness regularly have 23% less cortisol – known as the stress hormone – and age slower than normal.

Synchronous Health specialist and licensed marriage and family therapist Brian Gregory says that when he thinks of kindness, he thinks of Mr. Rogers. "He would always remind viewers that they’re special, worthy and worth being listened to,” Gregory says. “What a great example. Kindness is stopping and listening, dialing it in with whomever you may be with in a moment, being present and hearing them for a bit.”

Additional studies have shown that those who practice kindness also experience reduced levels of anxiety. With World Kindness Day this week, we wanted to take a minute to remind you to practice kindness and channel your inner Mr. Rogers.

You can do this by joining the fun of Kindness B-I-N-G-O. Save and/or print the bingo card below, then participate in five activities listed in a row on the card. You are free to complete the activities vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Print it and keep it as a reminder of how easy it is to practice kindness, all year long!

Kindness bingo card