Strategy Summit 2021

Strategy Summit | The Power of &
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On July 26-27, Adventist Health leaders, board members, partners and experts gathered for the first time in over a year and a half for Strategy Summit to envision and plan for the future.

“Our theme has been the ‘Endless Power of &,' signifying the essential partnerships and relationships we are building as we set out to deliver on this bold 2030 vision before us," says Jason Wells, Chief Consumer and Innovation Officer. "These are transformational times, and I am energized by the engagement and enthusiasm of the leaders at our 2021 Strategy Summit.”

From cities to coasts, and from behavioral health to community well-being, experts and leaders shared groundbreaking insights and inspiring stories to shape the way forward across the organization’s communities and services.

“We have this knowledge set that’s 150 years old, and the world is ready for it,” shares Andrew Jahn, president of Adventist Health’s Care Division. “This gets me excited to go to work, and it gets me excited about everything that we’re doing in well-being and the dots that we have to connect on the map to take us from where we are today to the future.”

Attendees share that they left with a clearer way forward and hope for the future.

 “I’m leaving inspired by trust and human connection,” says Guy Barnard, CEO and co-founder of Synchronous Health. “When you see the whole leadership team together, it comes alive in a way that I couldn’t have described before.”