Story shapes us.

Girl receiving a daisy

Life is made up of moments. In your daily life, you may not consider the story that is playing out in each moment — but later, you realize you have experienced or witnessed something worth remembering, sharing or writing down. This is how story is born.

Story is sacred. It holds the power to transcend debate, division and disagreement. It equips us to pass down history and create legacy. Story is healing because it empowers us to acknowledge and articulate the truth.

Story is enlightening, and it is within all of us.

By requiring one who shares and one who receives, story is also a collective and a connective experience. Whether it captures transformative experiences or small wonders, story shapes us.

Woman writing in a journal

We invite you to join us in shaping our culture and creating our legacy by sharing your stories and experiences. We're here to partner with you to create something beautiful.