Dentist working with assistant

2022 Zambia Oral Health Initiatives
Story 154


Alex Lalin: We're here in Zambia, in this community of Chipata, because no one has ever been here to care for these people. Even though there might be a close proximity from the city, maybe two hours away, but just the fact that you come to them to be able to care for them. I think that's the reason why we're here today.

Gordon Gates: I've done mission trips in many countries of the world, but this one sounded very interesting in that they wanted to focus on patient care and education. And since I've been actively teaching in study clubs and continuing educations throughout my career, I felt this was a great opportunity to assist in that overall goal.

Charles Banda: This mission was held in my community. It's on the southern side of Chipata City. This is a community that doesn't have electricity. They don't even have piped water. Even the clinics are very far, so they have to walk. Even food that they eat, it's locally cultivated food like maize, so they just live on what they have right there.

Justin Phiri: Just somebody told me that there are people at this school who are working on the tooth problems. So I just left whatever I was doing, I rushed here on Thursday. I had a problem with my tooth. That tooth was extracted, and then I was advised to come here today to see if they can remove the other tooth. So upon my arrival here, it was checked. They said that, no, this one is okay. So they have just cleaned all the teeth.

Theodore Malunga: I'm excited to come here because I know I'm bringing dental services near the community. Most of them wouldn't have come to the hospital if we didn't come here. But coming here has given them the opportunity to receive the services. And I wish that this can continue us going in different communities, not just here.

Caitlin Beatty: Being a part of Adventist and being able to have these opportunities to serve the world, not only in our community, but to be able to be an outreach to other communities and other countries, has been incredible.

Alex Lalin: When you come to a mission trip and you are here, you don't need to be a medical professional, but you understand your calling, your purpose. There's so many needs in here. And I've been with the kids, spending time with them, then I was doing something else inside. I don't have any medical background. But being here, being willing and having the right attitude, that's the most important thing when you come to a mission trip. Understanding that will open so many doors and you'll be a blessing to this community and everyone around.

Caitlin Beatty: To be able to spread God's love is what Adventist really stands for, and to be able to do that globally is just, it makes me as a person feel like I'm doing what is the mission.