Nurse with Global Missions patient

What is Global Mission?
Story 110

Michael Jordan: The ability to provide service through mission work through Adventist Health White Memorial is, first, it's very gratifying having an organization that allows it and supports it and encourages service. That's really important to me because it helps provide that balance that I need in my life to be able to keep me grounded in the work that I do at home.

Yuri Casco: When they announce that the mission trips were coming back ... I'm sorry, I get emotional. I told my husband, "I need a vacation with a purpose."

I can tell you, it's tiring physically, mentally, emotionally because you see the need in the community. But I am so renewed. I am so excited to go back to work. This is why I work. The community where I serve in East Los Angeles is also a community in need. But when I go back now, I am going to go back and work back to 100% plus and be more productive because all that burnout, all that tiredness because of just so much work, it disappears. It became minimalized with this trip.

Selene Castilla: Working for an organization that shows compassion, love, care for not only their local community, but beyond their local communities really makes me prideful. I say this company's so cool. I get to serve people, and they encourage me to do it. That allows me to be a happier person because I grow in many ways.

Michael Jordan: There's definitely a work-life balance being able to service a community that is so desperately [in need] that we wouldn't normally be able to reach out to in other organizations. That work, to me, brings it back home to make me even more grateful for the work that we can do at home.

I really think that it matches our “be” statements. It's our mission. That's really the most satisfying thing in my life is to be able to serve and to give back. So grateful for Adventist Health, that we can reach those communities that are in desperate need of support [from] us.

Selene Castilla: I love the fact that since I work for an organization that encourages spirituality, that encourages serving people. We're not just healthcare providers. We're friends, we're family. They're our neighbors. We don't just care for them in their neighborhood. We care for them beyond.