Kerry Heinrich

Together | New Year, New Day
Story 75

My fellow associates, I am Kerry Heinrich, Chief Executive Officer for Adventist Health, and this moment is the start of our new year and new day. While I recently accepted this role to lead as CEO, I am not new to the Adventist Health family. For the last seven years, I have served on our System Board and have seen the love and courage that have brought us to this moment. 

Our hope for a bright future is based in remembering the blessings of our past, facing our present reality, and dreaming about all that God’s love has called us to do and be. Our foundation is in our mission, our hope is in our vision, and our life is in our culture. We will not repeat 2021.

The global COVID pandemic’s tentacles have reached every part of our hospitals, our communities, our families, and our culture. The pandemic called for us to reveal our character. And you, my fellow associates, bring courage, bring determination, bring hope. We have the leadership and team to forge a new path toward the 2030 vision and transform the American healthcare experience, improving the health of entire cities and communities through a new approach to well-being.

I look forward in the first quarter of 2022 to visiting all of our hospitals and meeting one-on-one with your leadership. I love Adventist Health, and I lift us up in prayer every day. I have hope for 2022. Together we will be hope and bring hope. Thank you for living God’s love. My friends, Happy New Year and God Bless.