Bri and Isela cropped

Full Circle
Story 113

By Beth Martin

When Brianna Kunkle was 10, she experienced a severe allergic reaction that landed her in the pediatrics unit of Fremont Hospital in Yuba City, which later merged with what is now Adventist Health and Rideout. Bri remembers the experience vividly.

“It was really scary,” she said. “But I had this amazing nurse who made me feel very safe and comfortable.”

Bri and Isela cropped
Bri Kunkle, RN, left, and Isela Iachella, RN, right.

Sixteen years later, that nurse, Isela Iachella, is Bri’s nursing director on 3 East as Bri begins her first job as a registered nurse at Adventist Health and Rideout. 

“Isela is one of the big reasons I wanted to become a nurse, because of the amazing experience she gave me as a young child,” Bri said.

Although she doesn't remember the moments taking care of Bri, Isela was touched to find out that she was able to provide comfort and calm her fears.“I always ask in my interviews, 'What made you decide to become a nurse?'" Isela said. "And then she told me that story, and I had tears in my eyes.”

Anyone who knows Isela wouldn’t be surprised to hear this story. “I love what I do,” Isela said. “It’s my passion to make sure people are satisfied, happy and safe. And that’s how I feel about my staff, as well. I’m always striving to make sure they feel comfortable coming to me.”

Bri said she loves how the story has come full circle. “It just shows how impactful you can be as a nurse,” she said. “Those interactions really do affect people for a long time.