Atzin cutting ribbon

Story 109

"Being involved in Global Missions not only means to be involved across our borders, but also in our local communities."

Voiceover: The Camp Fire has burned an area nearly the size of Chicago, as it rages across Northern California, killing as many as 85 people and destroying more than 14,000 homes. Thousands of displaced residents, camping outdoors in freezing weather or packed into shelters, face an uncertain future following this deadly and destructive wildfire.

Rubi Solis: I was very surprised and I was in shock. I just couldn't believe it. It was devastating. I didn't see any hope for us.

Atzin Solis: It didn't feel real at all. It just fel├ąt like in a battlefield or something. It didn't feel real.

Rubi Solis: That's when I heard the explosions. They were coming from that way over there. Boom, boom, boom, maybe propane tanks from the neighbors, the trees. So that's when I said, "Come on. Let's go.

Joleen Levey: So when the fire happened, I was living in Paradise and also working for Feather River Hospital. The day of the fire, I was called in to work, to work in the command center, and helped evacuate the hospital, got all patients one on one, and then went home, got my kids and our animals. We evacuated that day.

Rubi Solis: My daughter was about six years old and she ended up losing her speech. Yeah, it was so traumatizing for her when we landed in this shelter. She wasn't speaking correctly anymore. I had to get her help or therapy and she can now speak again. It's been hard, but I've learned. It's taught me a lot. I've become wiser, and I've become smarter. And before, I thought I was a strong mom because everybody would say, "Oh, you're a good mom," but it's just made me into a stronger mom. I've been in that house for 21 years. To see it gone, I felt very displaced because that was me, my home.

Joleen Levey: Connecting this family has been so, not only uplifting but a personal touch because we went through it. We lost everything, our personal belongings. So helping others to get into a stable location to where they can make it their home has just been where my passion truly is.

Marcidale Amurao: Being involved in Global Missions not only means to be involved across our borders, but also in our local communities. The great part about working in Global Missions is that we can be present not only in Zambia or Kenya, but also in our backyard. And even though it was such a long time ago, which we could feel like a long time ago, for these families it's still present to them today. And so that's why we're still involved and we want to continue to be present and help.

Atzin Solis: It feels good. I'm excited. I have no words to say, just excited. I haven't had my own space for three years. I've had to now live in RVs.

Rubi Solis: I'm so thankful for you guys for coming over and helping us. It felt wonderful to know that you matter. You still matter.